Question Everything

Do you ever think about why you're a Republican or a Democrat? Do you wonder why you belong to your religion? The sad thing is, you most likely make these choices based on emotion rather than logic. You most likely took the religion of your parents. I guess you lucked out that your parents' religion is the one true religion. How do you choose what political party to vote for? Do you research all the issues and decide for yourself or do you just choose whatever party is popular among your friends and family? Everyone wants to fit in. Do you watch and read the news to confirm your pre-established bias or do you try to educate yourself? Are you afraid to change religions or political parties because you'll be ostracized from your current social circle? Are you afraid to change your views because you can't accept the fact that something you've believed your whole life might not be true? I'm not telling you to join a certain political party or a certain religion. I'm asking you to question why you belong to your party/religion. I'm asking you to talk about politics and religion with people who have a different point of view than you. I'm asking you to go outside of your comfort zone. I'm asking you rid our society of ignorance. Change must come from within ourselves. In the words of The Science Channel: question everything.