iPad Mini

So the iPad Mini is going to be unveiled on October 23. Hundreds of people have asked me how I know for sure it’s going to be revealed on the 23rd. Thousands have asked me how I am so accurate with my Apple rumors. Well for one, nobody has ever asked me either question, but in case you’re wondering, the best way to keep up with rumors is to read a lot. Kevin Rose once joked that MacRumors is his TMZ. I feel the same way. If you want to truly understand a company, you have to submerge yourself.

However, if you just want to know the dates of Apple’s big events, it is actually fairly easy to stay up to date. Once Jim Dalrymple gives his signature “Yep”, the event is going to happen. It’s that simple. He has predicted all of the recent Apple events with 100% accuracy. The other solid place for Apple related rumors is All Things D. They are the Wall Street Journals tech branch and somehow have some insanely good sources inside of Apple. Their executive editor, Walt Mossberg, was friends with Steve Jobs. I guess that explains the how. The Verge has proven to be very reliable as well.

I don’t plan on buying an iPad Mini, but if you want to see the specs, look here. Anyways, Apple is coming out with a smaller iPad, and they’re going to sell millions of them.